We fix tomorrow’s problem today.

We provide our customers with acceptable response times, quality workmanship and market related pricing. Steyn’s Plumbing never uses inferior quality products just to compete in Price.

Who We Are

In February 2009 Steyn’s Plumbing was officially registered as a CC Company, (2009/025271/23) providing quality Plumbing services to Industry, Commercial Business and Residential markets from April 2009. The Company is owned by Douw Steyn Van Zyl, thus the Companies Name originating from his middle name “Steyn”. The company business slogan “We fix tomorrow’s problem today” describes the commitment and focus on service Steyn’s Plumbing provides. The three key drivers of this Business are to ensure there is acceptable response times, quality workmanship and market related pricing. Steyn’s Plumbing never uses inferior quality products just to compete in Price.

  From a very small humble beginning of one Vehicle and two staff members, Steyn’s Plumbing has grown into a substantial Business with a fleet of six vehicles and a permanent staff compliment. Steyn’s Plumbing has also been a Sub Contractor for a well-known Construction Company for twelve years whereby at any given time there would be a subcontractor staff compliment of over twenty-five staff. Over and above the traditional turnkey projects, maintenance and Construction services Steyn’s Plumbing provide, Steyn’s Plumbing differentiates it's service by keeping abreast with modern Technology and prides themselves in providing key professional services with state-of-the-art Technology and Machinery.

  By virtue of using Technology the “turn around time” to detect a fault and to repair it saves the customer money based on less hours on site. It’s a win – win situation for both parties as time spent at Customers premises is reduced and secondly Steyn’s Plumbing can attend to more faults in a day. Steyn also has a philosophy of “Each one - Teach one”. Steyns Plumbing believes in empowering their staff and thus Investing in the upliftment of skills is a priory. Where applicable we do assist staff members to reach their full potential by means of affording them training and ultimately obtaining a qualification.

Steyn’s Plumbing is registered with The Plumbing Industry Registration Board (PIRB) & The Institute of Plumbing SA (IOPSA). This ensures Steyn’s Plumbing promotes quality workmanship by means of issuing a Plumbing Certificate of Compliance (CoC).

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